Training And Development

To ensure our organisation’s sustainability and ongoing growth, we focus on multifaceted training and development initiatives for our workforce. By providing education, training, awareness programmes, conducive working environments, equal job opportunities, and fair wages, we empower our employees to reach their fullest potential, as they are the driving force behind our company’s success.

We’re equally committed to socio-economic development and mentorship programmes. Our efforts encompass internship programmes for emerging farmers and offering bursaries to students. Suiderland Plase values equipping individuals with new skills and encourages recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Open communication holds a significant place at Suiderland Plase. We maintain accessible communication channels with all employees, and each farm and pack house boasts worker committees and employment equity committees.

Our accomplishments as a business owe much to our dedicated employees, whether permanent or seasonal. This underlines our unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, both towards our workforce and the communities where we operate, which remains a paramount priority for us.