Our Responsibility

Our responsibility to environmental preservation and community development initiatives fuels a continuous evolution of our farming practices and the enhancement of our packing and logistics services. This enables us to increase production while prioritising the development of our dedicated staff through ongoing training and education.

We Strive To Grow

In accordance with global realities, requirements and customer preferences. Suiderland Plase operates according to best business practices, and we are dedicated to enriching the quality of the environment and the natural foundations that support our agricultural economy. This commitment drives us to farm in ways that minimise environmental impact and optimise the use of both non-renewable and on-farm resources.

We understand that robust yields are integral to sustainability, achieved using premium crop care products. This not only upholds the superior quality and safety of our produce but also ensures compliance with governmental regulations and legal standards.

Complementing our reduced chemical input policy and unwavering commitment to worker health and safety, our forward-looking perspective has earned Suiderland Plase a range of certifications that align with our customers’ expectations. As conscientious stewards, Suiderland Plase actively contributes to the longevity and sustainability of South Africa’s fruit farming landscape.

Explore our South African citrus farms and vineyards, where sustainable farming practices intertwine with quality, delivering fresh, responsibly grown produce to your doorstep.