Empowerment and ownership

“Our country requires an economy that can meet the needs of all our economic citizens – our people and their enterprises – in a sustainable manner.” (Department of Trade and Industry)

Suiderland Plase is committed to a solid and progressive land reform process, understanding that empowerment is rooted in ownership and economic benefit, fostering a profound connection between individuals, the company, and the community.

Economic beneficial partnerships encapsulate a spirit of drive and resilience. This inherent connection between effort and economic benefit fuels a profound sense of care and stewardship. When something is truly yours, you nurture and protect it, with each endeavour a testament to hard-earned dedication.

Some of Our Success Stories

Zandberg Citrus Estate

In the interest of empowerment through ownership, Suiderland Plase together with the Zandberg Workers Trust has formed a shared ownership company with Zandberg Citrus Estate in the Clanwilliam region, standing testament to our commitment where shared ownership has transformed lives and landscapes where we grow table grapes and citrus.

In collaboration with the Zandberg Trust, a beacon of black economic empowerment (BEE), the estate appointed 84 permanent workers to BEE partner positions. As co-owners of the expansive 251-hectare farm, workers emerge as agric specialists and not only reap the rewards of harvests but also the benefits of formal business training.

This dynamic partnership enriches not only individual lives but also the agricultural sector’s stability—a vital ingredient in feeding the nation and fostering a resilient South African economy.

Empowerment, at its core, is about embracing responsibility. Zandberg cultivates a supportive culture, providing learners with the opportunity to evolve into genuine business partners. This serves as a beacon of broad-based empowerment, an evolving benchmark for the sector.

Through a synergistic blend of plant production skills and business acumen, nurtured by a dedicated management team, Zandberg emerges as a symbol of authentic empowerment in South Africa’s agricultural landscape.

This thriving fruit farming agribusiness exemplifies the essence of land reform, standing tall amidst challenges such as drought and market fluctuations. As we forge ahead, similar empowering initiatives are being invested in at Mooi Uitsig near Swellendam and Ferland near Piketberg—testaments to our unwavering dedication to this cause.

Mooi Uitsig Boerdery

Echoing the Zandberg Trust model, The Klipbult Employee Trust was established with 47 original permanent workers as partners. There is a 50/50 shared ownership between Suiderland Plase and the Klipbult Employee Trust.


In 2013, Ferland witnessed the planting of 20 hectares of citrus and a further 22ha more recently. What followed was a remarkable journey—a partnership between the Steenebrug Workers’ Trust and Suiderland Plase.

A joint venture emerged, dedicated to cultivating the citrus orchards. Suiderland Plase, driven by a commitment to progress, funded the establishment of these thriving orchards. The Steenebrug Workers’ Trust, a pivotal partner, shares 35% of the joint venture’s profits.

Since 2018, this partnership has been bearing fruit, benefiting the Steenebrug Workers’ Trust through shared profits—an embodiment of shared success and growth.

Join us at Suiderland Plase, where economic empowerment and ownership intertwine, nurturing a legacy of pride, progress, and shared prosperity.