Welcome to Suiderland Plase

Welcome to Suiderland Plase. At our heart, we are more than just fresh fruit producers; we are stewards of nature’s finest gifts, nurturing high-grade fresh fruit on the sun-kissed soils of South Africa.

Derived from the beauty of our Southern African origins, “Suiderland Plase” is a meaningful Afrikaans name that translates to “Southern Land Farms” which reflects our deep connection to the fertile landscapes of South Africa.

With passion and dedication, and just as our name suggests, we cultivate, pack, and distribute premium citrus and table grapes that have garnered international acclaim from the fertile landscapes across fruit farms in South Africa. Our commitment to superior service and top-notch produce has earned us the trust of customers around the globe.

Fuelling our success is a profound care for our people, customers, and the environment. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical trading standards, ensuring that every step of our journey is marked by responsibility and sustainability. With forward-thinking farming strategies, we not only preserve the land but also actively contribute to the growth of our local communities.

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your trusted source for quality citrus and table grapes in South Africa.

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Why Choose Suiderland Plase?

Our fruit, nurtured by the African sun and nourished by our expert farmers, embodies the essence of quality and flavour that only nature can provide.

Our premium citrus and table grapes have made their mark on the international stage, and we continue to raise the bar with every harvest.

We believe in doing what’s right, not just for our business, but for the people we serve and the environment we cherish.

Embracing sustainable practices is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a way of life. From responsible cultivation to environmentally friendly packaging, we walk the talk.

As partners in progress, we empower our communities and foster growth, creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

We’re a trusted leader in the South African fruit industry and stand as a reliable source of top-quality table grapes and citrus produce. With a global reach, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional fruit to destinations around the world.

Experience The Essence Of South Africa, Ripe And Ready For Export.

Together, we cultivate prosperity and nurture a greener, fruit-filled future. Let’s sow the seeds of success and taste the fruits of a truly sustainable harvest.