Product Availability

Our ability to provide an unwavering supply of top-tier fresh fruit stems from our dedication to aligning production volumes with our clients’ needs. Central to this approach is our focus on expanding our own production capacities to seamlessly match these requirements. To sustain product availability, we embark on a journey of cultivating new and exclusive varieties, especially around the world of table grapes and soft citrus, fuelling a realm of possibilities that sets us apart in the industry.

Projected Production

Our commitment to client value extends beyond exceptional produce. We recognise the need for a comprehensive supply chain solution that marries efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. At Suiderland Plase, we’ve seamlessly woven together an integrated supply solution that encompasses farming, packaging, logistics, exporting, and customer delivery.

With an unwavering eye on the future, we proactively seek opportunities to expand our production and refine our methods. Our continuous investment in new orchards, vineyards, varieties, and ventures aimed at enhancing value underscores our dedication to growth and evolution.

A Zest For Citrus

Infused with a deep passion for citrus cultivation, our journey has propelled us to carve a significant niche in the South African citrus export domain. Presently, Suiderland Plase proudly exports approximately 4.5 million cartons of citrus annually.

Our influence extends even further, representing 7% of the nation’s soft citrus exports. With a prized collection of citrus varieties, including Nadorcott, Orri, Tango, Cambria, Autumn Gold, seedless lemons, various clementines, satsumas and valencias, Suiderland Plase stands tall as a formidable contender in the industry. Bolstered by ongoing developments, our citrus production is poised for a notable expansion in the near future.

From Out Vine To Your Table

Renowned as a premier table grape cultivator in South Africa, Suiderland Plase orchestrates the export of approximately 5 million cartons of grape varieties each year, each weighing 4.5kg. Our diverse grape portfolio encompasses esteemed varieties such as Autumn Crisp®, Cotton Candy, Candy Snap, Sweet Globe, Sweet Celebration, Sable Seedless®, Scarlotta Seedless® and many more.

To meet the rising demand for our prime table grapes, Suiderland Plase is investing in ongoing developments that include the establishment of new vineyards as well as replacement strategies for older, less preferred varieties with varieties such as Ruby Rush®.

Fruit Availability Calendar

Experience our commitment to sustainability as we cultivate top-quality citrus produce and table grapes, contributing to the thriving South African agricultural fruit export industry.