Internal Logistics

Suiderland Plase has an integrated approach to implementing logistical systems where efficient, dependable, and cost-effective solutions are our priority. Our commitment to delivering professional and comprehensive service extends to overseeing every aspect of fruit storage, transportation, and inventory through our dedicated logistics department.

Export Logistics: Shipping & Documentation

Our logistics strategies and procedures are meticulously crafted to enhance service levels, minimise costs, ensure accurate stock management, and facilitate precise communication with our partner and affiliated logistics company, Horizon Fruits Logistics.

Tasks of the Logistics Department

  • Implementing IT systems on farms and training pack house operators
  • Booking and coordinating transport
  • Sending packing instructions to the farms
  • Ensuring cost-effective cold store solutions
  • Managing pallet space across different facilities
  • Issuing loading instructions to different cold stores
  • Providing the most efficient and economical fruit delivery options to the end user
  • Providing an exceptional pallet tracking system

Horizon Fruit – Reliable Logistics and Documentation

Suiderland Plase is a proud joint venture partner in Horizon Fruits Logistics (Pty) Ltd, alongside New Vision Fruit and Fruit & Veg City International. Founded with the vision of establishing an optimal logistical chain, Horizon Fruit offers competitive rates and services tailored to the export needs of partner companies and their customers.

Services provided by Horizon Fruit encompass the entire logistical journey, including product loading at the source, shipping, documentation, planning, and final delivery to the intended destination.

Situated in Durbanville near Cape Town, the proficient operators at Horizon Fruit continue to uphold good relations with service providers. Their deep understanding of shareholder operations and client preferences ensures a delivery process that consistently surpasses expectations.