Bursaries, Internships & Graduates

At Suiderland Plase, we are dedicated to shaping the future of our nation by investing in education and skill development. Our commitment to building a better agricultural industry is reflected in our initiatives:


We believe in providing a strong foundation for dedicated students. Each year, we award bursaries to students who meet the following criteria: The tertiary qualification is for a certificate, diploma or degree in farming/agriculture or any related field of study that can be used at Suiderland Plase at a South African university or college.

Demonstrating strong academic performance.

Apply now and pave the way for a rewarding agricultural future.


Suiderland Plase is committed to the National Skills Development Strategy, prioritising the development of individuals in the agricultural industry. We invite students to apply for internships at our farms or pack houses in the Western Cape. This opportunity allows students to gain hands-on experience essential to their agricultural studies.

Start your application today and cultivate a promising career at Suiderland Plase.

Graduate placements

Suiderland Plase is a great starting point for a rewarding career and gaining valuable working experience in the farming industry. We have a graduate placement programme that assists recent graduates in obtaining practical experience in their field.

This comprehensive 12-month programme is aimed specifically at students with degrees or diplomas in agriculture and/or logistics.

Unveil a world of possibilities and apply now.

How to apply

To explore these exciting opportunities, submit your CV and academic results to

Join us in building a brighter future for agriculture in South Africa!