Niche Fruit

Through our collaboration with Niche Fruit, we extend our global reach to customers across the globe with a dedicated and focused approach in the Middle East markets through Niche Fruit. Established in 2005, this partnership serves as a dedicated fruit supply hub for key clients, in the Middle East markets.

We ensure a consistent supply of diverse grape and citrus products throughout the year, thanks to meticulous production planning and efficient delivery practices.

Our marketing strategy revolves around mutual collaboration, uniting clients in efforts that benefit both parties. Our decisions are driven by the desire to cultivate closer relationships, foster growth for producers and retailers, and ultimately enhance the consumer experience.

Niche Fruit is a member of the South African Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum, whose strict accreditation criteria and code of conduct serve as a guarantee of competence and reliability.

Meeting Global Demand

While the majority of our fruit exports come from our own production, we have established strategic partnerships with specific clients. In certain cases, we supplement our own produce with fruit from carefully chosen third-party growers, offering a tailor-made supply solution to meet unique needs. Our selection of these growers is highly selective, underscoring our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

We are committed to broadening our company’s horizons by investigating new prospects and strengthening bonds with clients who recognise the true value that Suiderland Plase offers as a direct, reliable, and sustainable source of export-quality grapes and citrus.

We will continue to grow and during 2024 we will diversify into avocados in the Swellendam region.

Delve into our stringent quality control process, where every piece of fruit is evaluated for size, appearance, and taste. Learn how we uphold excellence at every stage of production.