Table Grapes

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Suiderland Plase’s expertise in cultivating delectable table grapes stands strong. .

By consistently presenting our clients with a selection of novel and exclusive varieties of table grapes, we’ve witnessed a growing demand for our products. This rising demand empowers us to enhance availability, ensuring our clients a consistent and reliable supply of our exquisite produce. This also confirms our company’s position as an established leader in the fruit farming landscape.

From humble beginnings, we’ve evolved to encompass a collection of independent fruit farms. This growth has enabled us to present an expansive selection of citrus and table grapes, including new and exclusive varieties. As the demand for our produce soars, our journey has affirmed our role as a leader in fruit farming. With every delivery, we solidify our position, reflecting our dedication to excellence and our enduring legacy.

Table Grape Farms In The Western Cape


Situated in the lower Berg River Valley of the Swartland region near Piketberg, Steenebrug has been an integral part of Suiderland Plase for over four decades. The farm’s 83 hectares produces table grapes and it boasts a grape packing facility.


Cultivars produced:

  • Red seedless – Crimson seedless and Scarlotta Seddless® (Sugranineteen)
  • White seedless –Autumn Crisp® (Sugrathirtyfive), Cotton Candy (IFG7), Regal seedless, Superior seedless (Sugraone) and sweet globe (IFG10)
  • Black seedless – Adora Seedless® (Sugrathirtyfour), Midnight Beauty® (Sugrathirteen) and Sable Seedless® (Sugrasixteen)
  • Red seeded – Red Globe


Packing facility
The pack house has a daily packing capacity of 25,000 cartons and a seasonal output of about 900,000 cartons, each weighing 4,5kg.


At Ferland, 127 hectares of cultivated land have been planted with new and exciting table grape (85ha) and citrus varieties.


Cultivars produced:

  • Red seedless – Candy Snaps® (IFG 21) and Scarlotta Seedless® (Sugranineteen), Starlight, Sweet Celebration® (IFG 68-I75) and Tawny Seedless
  • White seedless – Early Sweet (Grapes) and Sweet Globe (IFG 10) and Ivory White (Sheegene 21)
  • Black seedless – Sable Seedless® (Sugrasixteen)
  • Red Seeded- Red Globe

Packing Facility
The grapes harvested at Ferland are packed with Steenebrug’s fruit at Bergpak.



Nestled near Clanwilliam in the Olifants River Valley, Radyn is a producer of table grapes as well as citrus and has an on-site grape packing facility. A total of 85 hectares have been planted.


Cultivars produced:

  • Red seedless – Candy Snaps® (IFG 21), Krissy (Sheegene 12), Scarlotta Seedless® (Sugranineteen) and Starlight
  • White seedless – Autumn Crisp® (Sugrathirtyfive), Cotton Candy® (IFG 7), Ivory White (Sheegene 21), Prime Seedless, Superior Seedless (Sugraone) and Sweet Globe® (IFG 10)
  • Black seedless – Sable Seedless® (Sugrasixteen)

Packing Facility
The grapes harvested at Welverdiend, Zandberg and Radyn are packed at Wespak


Zandberg stands as a beacon of success and pride for Suiderland Plase. Rooted in shared ownership, the Zandberg Trust emerged, appointing 55 steadfast permanent workers to BEE partner roles. These co-owners not only reap the rewards of the farm’s harvests, but they also receive invaluable business training, a cornerstone of our commitment to empowerment. Situated near the town of Clanwilliam, Zandberg spans a total of 15 hectares—a testament to growth, collaboration, and achievement.


Cultivars produced:

  • Red seedless – Scarlotta Seedless (Sugranineteen)


Nestled in the Western Cape near Clanwilliam within the Olifants River Valley, Welverdiend is an established citrus farm and now also a table grape farm and grows 23ha of premium table grapes


Cultivars produced:

  • Red seedless – Sweet Celebration (IFG 68-I75) and Ruby Rush® (Sugrafiftythree)
  • White seedless – Cotton Candy (IFG 7)

Packing Facility
The grapes harvested at Welverdiend, Zandberg and Radyn are packed at Wespak

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