Quality Control

At Suiderland Plase, devoting ourselves to uncompromising quality control is at the heart of our operations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and consistently strive to provide our clients with excellent service and the best-eating quality citrus and grapes that they have come to expect from us.

Enforcing stringent criteria, we meticulously oversee every facet of the journey – from nurturing crops in the soil to the methodical sorting, packaging, and punctual distribution of goods. Suiderland Plase’s pursuit of excellence is embedded in our every step.

The Quality Control Process

We know that size does matter when it comes to fruit, which is why we conduct meticulous measurements to ensure the delivery of fruit in the desired sizes, tailored to each client’s requirements.

Internal Quality Assessment

In our citrus and grape farming industry, outside appearance is as important as the “eating” quality (taste and flavour). Because of our high standards, our citrus and grape undergo comprehensive internal quality checks, evaluating TSS% (sugar), acid ratio, eating quality, skin colour, seed content, and pressures before harvesting.

Citrus Sorting Excellence

Our citrus fruit is treated with equal care. Citrus sorting begins in the orchards to uncover third-grade defects such as blemishes, malformation, size, injuries, decay and progressive defects. We ensure that the appropriate sorting and quality measures are done according to client preferences – from the harvesting period to the packing stage.

Accurate Weight Verification

During packing, each grape punnet and carton is accurately weighed.

Meticulous Grape Assessment

Grape cultivars are inspected in the orchards and again on packing lines by a quality controller and again by a final quality controller before being palletised, ensuring optimal quality.

Ongoing Advancements

Continuous investment in cutting-edge equipment and consistent skills training for our team establish a solid foundation for delivering unwavering quality across all our operations.

Thriving With Advanced Technology

Our commitment to excellence is deeply intertwined with cutting-edge technology, forming the backbone of our reputable fruit production. Every facet of our farming operations benefits from precise technical procedures, setting us apart as a trusted and proficient fruit producer. Guided by meticulous technical and quality controllers, our unwavering standards permeate every process, resulting in superior pack-outs and heightened efficiency at our facilities.

The technical team’s responsibility is to maximise production while exceeding client expectations emphasising a hands-on, detail-oriented approach.

Technical Management and Food Safety

At Suiderland Plase, we ensure that our farms and packing facilities hold international accreditations meeting the most rigorous global standards, as required by our extensive client base.

To uphold our commitment, our products undergo meticulous pre- and post-harvest testing for residues, adhering to the maximum residue limits (MRLs) relevant to the fruit’s destination or country of import.