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Packaging Facilities

Our dedication to delivering the finest quality fruit is the driving force behind every investment poured into our packing facilities. Over the years, these facilities have evolved into a foundational element of our continued success, underpinning the exceptional standards by which we operate.

Citrus Packing Facilities

Our citrus packing facilities are located at the Suiderpak, Wespak and Bergpak pack houses.


Where Care Meets Commitment

Suiderpak is located at Olivedale, Buffeljags River near Swellendam, and it holds our commitment to preserving perfection. Throughout the harvesting season from March to September, our dedicated team ensures meticulous care, upholding the pristine condition of the produce.


Orchestrating Citrus Excellence

Wespak is located on the Radyn farm near Clanwilliam, and it orchestrates a wide variety of citrus cultivars. Much like Suiderpak, our dedication to quality and efficiency prevails, upholding our unwavering packing standards.


Excellence on Steenebrug

Bergpak is located on the farm, Steenebrug near Piketberg and thrives as a hub for a wide variety of citrus cultivars. Just as in our other pack houses, Bergpak places paramount importance on quality and efficiency, ensuring our commitment to upholding our packing standards.

Grape Packing Facilities

Within our realm of expertise, the sorting and packing of grapes stand as a testament to our commitment. Suiderland Plase meticulously orchestrates this process at our state-of-the-art facilities situated on the Steenebrug and Radyn farms. Our dedicated workforce is well-trained, embodying the art of grape handling with precision, and all aspects regarding quality control are seen to with strict attention to detail.



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