To sustain and continuously grow our organisation, Suiderland Plase invests in training and developing our workers on several levels. Through education and training, awareness programmes, good working conditions, equal employment opportunities and fare wages, we assist our employees to reach their full potential, as they are the heart and soul of our company.

We also offer socio-economic development and mentorship programmes, such as running internship programmes for emerging farmers and providing bursaries to students. Suiderland Plase believes in enabling and training people with new and additional skills, whilst we fully support recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Suiderland Plase places high emphasis on communication and believes it is important to keep all channels of communication with all our employees open. We have worker committees and employment equity commitees on all our farms and pack houses. The group Employment Equity committees meet annually to consolidate all employment equity activities.

Our company would not have been able to create a successful business without our employees, either permanent or seasonal and that is why our corporate social responsibility towards our workforce, and the communities in which we operate, will always be a top priority.

Some of our training and development programmes include:


Supervisor training

A progressive approach is applied where we put workers through a plant production learnership course, look for leadership potential during the programme and identify workers who can be used in a supervisory role. We then assess all these workers whom we have identified during the learnership course to make sure the person is fit for a leadership position.

Leadership programme

Leaders in current positions, as well as leaders of the future, are put through a leadership course where they also enter a year-long mentoring programme to convert theoretical skills into practical skills.

Basic computer training for general workers

General employees are trained annually in basic computer skills. We teach them the basics, from switching on to using it and sending emails, etc. Suiderland Plase also helps our workers to buy computers for private use.

Diversity training

Workers of different races and genders are brought together. We help them to see that they have a common goal, that differences between them are just superficial and that by working together, they can achieve much more – personifying South Africa’s credo: !ke e: /xarra //ke (diverse people unite)

Removing the language barrier through isiXhosa training

We offer isiXhosa language courses for supervisors, management and general workers to promote communication in the workplace and between workers.