Suiderland Plase believes that we can make a difference by giving people knowledge to work towards a brighter future. Our plans and dreams (conceptualised with a social worker and with buy-in from our staff) are centred around our adult employees and extend beyond the workplace, i.e. to their children and the surrounding communities.
What we offer:

Crèches and educational aftercare centres

  • There are crèches and aftercare centres on Mandaryn, Radyn, Welverdiend and Zandberg, for all the farm workers’ children. We also provide crèche and aftercare facilities in Piketberg (in town) for Steenebrug and Ferland’s children, and also in Buffeljagsrivier (town) for the children of Klipbult and Mooi Uitsig. While the crèches give our farm children all the love, care and playtime they need to be happy children, our aftercare centres give the children much more in the way of education and study help. These aftercare initiatives for school-going learners are focused on providing assistance with homework, school projects and developing their skills.These education centres are supervised on-site by qualified teachers that assist the learners with their school material and ensure that schoolwork are done according to the curriculum.
  • Training is provided for the education centre teachers to uphold the high standards of instruction and literacy enrichment projects are also offered at various schools in the communities (Ferland, Piketberg, Riviersonderend Primary in Riviersonderend and Augsburg Landbougimnasium in Clanwilliam).
  • A “student of the year” competition is held for all the aftercare centres on our farms. Students are nominated, interviewed and a winner is chosen. The purpose is to encourage students to excel academically and realise the merit of education and hard work.
HIV/Aids awareness

  • We have an ongoing HIV/Aids awareness programme, culminating in the annual awareness campaign focused around World Aids Day on 1 December.
Welfare assistance & social worker intervention

  • A social worker is contracted to assess employees’ emotional well-being. Alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other social issues, are addressed.
Education bursaries and internships

  • Suiderland Plase assists previously disadvantaged students with scholarships and practical work experience for a future career in the agricultural industry.
Donating educational equipment such as computers

  • Computer literacy courses are offered, including introductory and intermediate computer courses.
  • Suiderland Plase assists workers to purchase computers for private use. We strive to motivate development in this area.

  • A soccer field was erected on the farm Radyn for workers to socialise.
  • Suiderland Plase is the main sponsor for the the Suider Pak and Steenebrug soccer team by providing the team with uniforms to participate in tournaments.
  • The leisure facility at Steenebrug has been upgraded and allows access to activities such as a pool and communal DSTV.
  • The soccer field at Mullersrus has been upgraded and will benefit the surrounding community. Suiderland Plase contributes to the maintenance of the field.

Suiderland Plase and CSI: Focused initiatives, rewarding results