Our responsibility to environmental preservation and community development drives us to continually advance our farming methods and improve our packing and logistics services. This enables us to increase production and focus on developing our staff through training and education.

We strive to grow strategically and sustainably in accordance with global realities, requirements and customer preferences. Suiderland Plase operates according to best business practices, where enhancing the quality of the environment and the natural base upon which our agricultural economy is based, forms part of that commitment. That is why we farm crops in a manner that minimises the impact on the environment and makes the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and on-farm resources.

Good yields are important for sustainability and are achieved by using high quality crop care products. This also ensures compliance with all governmental and legal aspects that guarantee the excellent quality and safety of our produce.

Together with our policy of reduced chemical inputs and responsibility towards worker health and safety, our outlook of focusing on the future has gained the company various certifications to satisfy customers’ requirements. As an accountable entity, Suiderland Plase contributes to the sustainability of fruit farming in South Africa.