Our company started as a family business and even though we have grown over the years, family values are still part of Suiderland Plase’s culture. We care for and look after our people (many are from disadvantaged communities) using an empowerment model of co-ownership through workers’ trusts. Suiderland Plase acts as mentor with regards to financial and business principles, management and technical skills.

We’re involved in every aspect of our business, from carefully packaging and delivering to upholding the highest standards in exporting our handpicked produce. We’re a robust supply solution to our discerning clients, who comprise a variety of prominent companies all over the world, but mainly in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East. world-map

Actively utilising resources in a responsible manner, the importance of achieving sustainable growth drives our forward-thinking farming strategies.

Fresh approaches

A way of living

We believe our quality chain begins on the farm, from the soil that nurtures our crops to the hands that pick, pack and deliver our always fresh fruit. We approach everything with our minds focused on excellence. Through experienced supervision, cooperation, capable staff, skilled workers and a concern for fair and beneficial business processes, we are able to uphold superior standards in terms of product, packing and logistics services. Suiderland Plase is guided by a corporate compass which prioritises sustainable development in line with the practicalities of the global market, the needs and preferences of our customers and a commitment to social development.
Accreditation & compliances

International stamp of approval

All Suiderland Plase farms and packing facilities adhere to some of the world’s most stringent accreditations as requested by major retailers worldwide. We strive to comply with the requirements of the marketplace and we also require certification from our growers according to the strict approval criteria set by such bodies as GlobalG.A.P, Tesco Nurture, Albert Heijn, GRASP, BRC, HACCP, IFS Broker and SIZA (the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa). Suiderland Plase fully recognises our responsibility to ensure that both our customers and the end customer are supplied with products that strictly comply with international food safety standards. Suiderland Plase is an IFS (International Featured Standard) certified broker.  IFS provides a benchmarked standard for auditing food safety and quality of processes and products of food manufacturers. Employees are annually trained in health and safety, personal hygiene, harvesting hygiene, handling of produce, fire-fighting, first aid, food safety, fork-lift driving and the handling of chemicals in the pack house and on the farm. South African legislation regarding application of plant protection products are also mandatory and to ensure that the company’s farms and fruit are of the highest standard, Suiderland Plase uses only third-party audits to ensure that the products that are received and packaged meet the set terms and standards.