As a family-owned company we are closely involved in every aspect of our business, from carefully packaging and delivering our quality grown, fresh fruit to upholding the highest standards in exporting our handpicked produce.

Suiderland Plase is a robust supply solution to our discerning clients who comprise a variety of prominent companies all over the world, but mainly in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East. world-map

Actively utilising resources in a responsible manner, the importance of achieving sustainable growth drives our forward-thinking farming strategies.

More about the company

A healthy outlook

Suiderland Plase forms part of Suiderland Development Corporation – an esteemed group with diversified industry interests – and is a frontrunner in the citrus and table grape industry. Our interests are in securing the wellbeing of our people as well as our environment by means of sustainable, profitable and accountable practices. Creating economic and social value through continually implementing transformation, we not only go beyond satisfying our clients on every level, we also serve the communities which sustain us by being a thriving business.
Fresh approaches

A way of living

We believe our quality chain begins on the farm, from the soil that nurtures our crops to the hands that pick, pack and deliver our always fresh fruit. We approach everything with our minds focused on excellence. Through experienced supervision, cooperation, capable staff, skilled workers and a concern for fair and beneficial business processes, we are able to uphold superior standards in terms of product, packing and logistics services. Suiderland Plase is guided by a corporate compass which prioritises sustainable development in line with the practicalities of the global market, the needs and preferences of our customers and a commitment to social development.
Accreditation & compliances

International stamp of approval

All Suiderland Plase farms and packing facilities are internationally accredited to the highest standards as determined by our global client profile and we specify that the laboratories that are used for analyses must hold a valid ISO 17025 certificate. All fruit marketed by Suiderland Plase is GLOBALG.A.P certified and our packing houses on the farms comply with: Employees are annually trained in health and safety, personal hygiene, harvesting hygiene, handling of produce, fire-fighting, first aid, food safety, fork-lift driving and the handling of chemicals in the pack house and on the farm. To ensure that the company’s farms and fruit are of the highest standard, Suiderland Plase uses only third-party audits to ensure that the products that are received and packaged meet the set terms and standards.